September 28, 2021

Carla Leon describes Spiritual Enterprise

Carla Leon joins the pod to talk about social - or spiritual as she likes to call it - enterprise, how she sees spiritual enterprise as a "new religion" for millenials, and  why church has to re-examine what she calls the "book, box, preacher" model and make more space for the many, many different kids of spiritual practices that exist. 

Carla is Innovation & Special Projects co-ordinator for the EDGE - A Network for Ministry Development at the United Church of Canada where she has launched a central procurement platform, an innovation fund, the Social Innovation Challenge and most recently a coaching program to help communities of faith re-imagine who they are in community. She works directly in supporting their 400 new initiatives that have been funded through their innovation fund, the 600 social innovations that have launched through the Social Innovation Challenge, and working directly with communities of faith to help them reimagine church outside of Sunday.

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