Amidst the disintegration and decline, Dwight Zscheile believes the mainline church has an opportunity to rediscover its identity.

DL Mayfield joins the pod to talk about her book The Myth of The American Dream and the problems with white, middle class, evangelical theology.

Jay Bakker talks about trauma, suffering, celebrity pastors and more totally random questions that Loren sprung on him! A really great conversation you need to check out. Props to Jay for being willing to answer questions off the cuff!

Dr. Natalie Wigg-Stevenson joins the pod to talk about what it is Ethnographic theology and why pastors and church leaders would benefit from putting it into practice more often.

Rev. Nikki Frontz of Solomon's Porch talks about innovative ministry in a time of intense disruption. 

September 29, 2020

Ally Henny and messy church

Author and activist Ally Henny talks openly and honestly about the pain, hurt, and heartache caused by church--and why she still believes in church.

Seminary President Dr. Nancy Pittman joins the pod to talk about how Covid is hastening change and reshaping in theological education and why pastors and church leaders should continue to invest in it.

Pastor and Author Eric H.F. Law joins the pod to talk about is book, "Fear Not: Living Grace and Truth in a Frightened World." He shares how others seek to manipulate our fears to suite their needs, whereas Jesus shows us how to manage our fears to help us grow.

Pastor and Author Carol Howard Merritt talks about what religious trauma is and how theology and structures can perpetuate harm against our most vulnerable.

Ashley Easter joins the pod to talk about how learning to trust her own intuition and why you should to.

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